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wordpress support client nurturely org

We are excited to announce a new non-profit organization has signed up for a WordPress maintenance and support plan with Total WP Support! is a great cause and we are very pleased to be a part of the team moving forward and helping support their goals. It’s been a pleasure working with them so far and it’s always special being able to help a website get out of a tough situation.

Nurturely came to us with their site down and needing emergency WordPress help. The issue stemmed from the domain name having lapsed and gone into holding status. Luckily, we were able to locate and re-purchase the domain name. Once acquired, we were able to reconnect things and get the site running again.

Now that the urgent issues are past, we are getting to know the site inside and out and working together to make some changes. Initially, signed up to the Essential Maintenance Plan but soon realized that our Professional Maintenance Plan was a better fit as they could utilize our free small wordpress jobs to get a lot of work done at an affordable rate.

Our next big step will be running wordpress maintenance and wordpress updates for the first time. It’s been a while since this was done and theres a lot of plugins and themes to be updated so we will be taking extra care. Real time wordpress back ups are now running as well, providing peace of mind that if we ever need to roll back the website for any reason we have lots of options to choose from. WordPress uptime monitoring is in place too, letting us know the second the website goes down for any reason.

Taking care of wordpress websites is what we do, and we are so happy to have as part of the Total WP Support family.

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