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If you own a website where getting found in the search engines is important to your business, then investment in SEO or Search Engine Optimization is inevitable. SEO is the inbound marketing technique that puts your website where it should be, in front of your customers on the search engines.

We have the capabilities to plan targeted SEO campaigns that drive maximum traffic, leads, and sales. We analyze your business, your competition, and your intended audience, and then roll out bespoke campaigns that are meant exclusively for your specific needs. You will get a dedicated project manager who will be a single point of contact when you start working with us.

SEO services will include (but are not limited to):

  • Researching keywords and phrases to select appropriate, relevant search terms.
  • Onsite SEO for existing pages on the site (tags, meta descriptions, page titles, urls, etc.)
  • Offsite SEO and creation of backlinks to achieve higher rankings on organic searches.
  • Recommending and creating, as required, additional pages or content for SEO purposes.

Results will grow over time offering you one of the best returns on investment for your business.

Interested? We offer a free website assesment to see if SEO is the right fit for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Campaign

SEO PLAN Features

Our Total WP Support SEO Standard Package includes 25 tracked and and 10 pages fully optimized.

On top of that, we specifically take care of everything listed below as standard features for all seo maintenance plans. 

SEO Analysis Factor
Preliminary SEO Analysis
Detailed SEO Strategy and Plan
Keyword Assistance
Competitive Analysis Report
Working with HTML Source Code
Conversion Analysis
Bounce Rate Analysis
On Page Factors
Meta Tag Implementation
XML/HTML Sitemap & RSS Creation
Duplicate Content Remediation
Image Alt Tag Optimization
Heading Tag & Anchor Tag Creation
Creation of New Optimized Pages
Google Webmaster account setup
Google Analytics account setup
Google Page Load Speed Optimization
Broken Links Repair
Keyword Density Implementation
Bing Site Map Creation
BingWebmaster account setup
SEO Journal (Off Page Factor)
Ezine Article Content Creation
Ezine Article Content Posting
Keyword Oriented Article Creation
Total Submission of Articles (Mywot Tested)
Approved Article URL Submission (Web 2.0)
Social Bookmarking (Web 2.0)
Blog Creation
Word Press Posting URL Submission (Web 2.0)
Local Business Listing Optimization
Google Place Optimization
Google Map Optimization
Citation Building

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common SEO questions. If you have any questions not answered below about our SEO plans we look foward to speaking with you!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking a website on search engines to enhance its visibility. When a user enters a query on any of the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, the algorithm of these search engines provides them with the most relevant results based on the query.

In simple terms, SEO is the process of bringing your website to these relevant results so you can get more traffic on your website.

SEO works in compliance with Google and other search engine guidelines. For instance, Google uses more than 200 ranking factors, and these factors enable the search engine’s algorithm to rank the websites as per the relevancy and authority of the page.

To succeed in SEO, your website needs to have the most relevant results as per specific search queries. This way, your website is seen as a trustworthy source by search engines.

The cost of SEO is based on various factors such as your website’s current situation, your goals, your approach, and the service provider you choose. If a company offers cheap services, then that is because they are using black-hat SEO techniques that can severely damage your organic ranking credibility, resulting in a penalty.

So, it is always recommended to work with reliable service providers.

At TotalWP Support, we are armored with the industry’s best experts to offer you the best.

Similar to the cost, even the time is taken to show results will depend upon the approach and your expectations with SEO. But, that doesn’t mean you should expect SEO to offer overnight results.

To increase the website traffic and eventually the sales, SEO probably needs at least six months. This means both consistent efforts and patience are key for SEO success. We keep clients updated about our progress across weeks. This way, you can be assured that our efforts are bearing fruit gradually.

SEO is a gradual process. One cannot expect overnight change to the rank on search results for given keywords. Our SEO campaign depends on many factors like:

1 – relevance of the page to user’s search
2 – search intent of the page
3 – quality and authority of content
4 – non-spammy keywords used in legit context
5 – page load speed
6 – quantity and quality of backlinks on the page

Plus, Google too takes time to crawl and index a page set up for SEO. If we consider all these factors, you will start seeing a tangible difference in the number of leads within 4 to 6 months of the SEO campaign deployment.

When it comes to SEO, there are so many factors that need to be taken care of. Everything from keyword research to analytics, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, link building, content optimization, and a lot more things need to be done. This is the reason why the result is never linear.

So, even though SEO takes time, it isn’t unreasonable to expect some improvements right away.

When it comes to ranking, an ethical SEO company will never make promises of ranking from one single campaign. This is because search engines keep on updating and evolving their algorithms constantly.

So, it is wise to stay away from any service provider that guarantees website ranking.

Of course, once you start researching SEO, you will come across terms like crawling and indexing.

Crawling is the process when search engines go through the content of your website. When the search engines start crawling, the content that appears on the search is indexed. Keep in mind that not all the content on your website will get indexed. The search engines will only index those contents that are relevant.

Good content is definitely the king, but the content is only one part of SEO that helps in ranking higher and retaining the spot. It is possible that even your competitors may have good or even better content on their site. This is why it is important to focus on other aspects like link building, social credibility, etc., and the content.

Many people believe that once the ranking is achieved, they can stop with SEO completely. Well, achieving a good ranking is just one part of the battle. The other part of the battle is retaining the achieved ranking.

If you notice the improvement in ranking, then it means your SEO efforts are paying off. But, since search engines love to update their algorithm, and even your competitors are competing for the same spot as yours, keeping SEO as a continuous process is important.

While the SEO process is time-consuming, working with a reliable SEO service provider will help you achieve the goals and make the most out of your investment. We help you rank on the first page of Google results, thus improving the volume of leads and boosting conversion through organic rankings.

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