WordPress Backups

Why is a WordPress backup important?

People can be malicious and computers can be cranky. Any website can inexplicably crash or be infected by a virus.

If you don’t have a backup, the potential for permanently losing your entire website is very real.

What do you do when your site goes offline? You rely on the most recent working WordPress backup of your site from before the problem started! This is the frozen-in-time version of your site before things went sideways, and it is here to save the day.

WordPress backup versions are stored on secure cloud storage, your website’s server and a local server at Total WP Support headquarters.

Backups are completed and stored securely for your entire website and database. We back up everything required to restore your website in full so you can sleep well at night.

Total WP Support can make sure that your site is regularly backed up so you can finally relax!

WordPress Backups FAQ

How often do you back up my website?

Back up frequency depends on the plan you choose. We have weekly (essential plan), daily (premium plan) and hourly (professional plan) back up options in place and for all plans we back up the entire site and database.

Where are backups kept?

We keep your back ups nice and safe on a secure Cloud Based Amazon S3 Server.

How many backups do you keep?

We keep three months of back ups with an unlimited number of backups within that time period.

Do you have multiple backup options in place?

It’s true that having multiple back up and storage solutions in place is ideal. 3 back up locations is considered by experts to be as close to as 100% secure as possible against the worst case scenario happening: losing all your back ups and your live site.

At Total WP Support we do a minimum of two back up processes for your website. Both processes store the backups on their own secure Amazon S3 server.

For websites that are hosted with us, or with another reputable host, a third layer is set up and provided through the hosting.