WordPress Accessibility


Accessibility  is the right thing to do, Compliance is legally  required .

The issue of WordPress website accessibility has been growing rapidly, affecting an increasing number of websites. Fortunately, we also have found a great solution that is also very affordable, and quick to implement.

Today, by the power of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), every business website has to be accessible to people with disabilities. The Law prohibits discrimination based on disability by places of “public accommodation”, meaning websites or brick-and-mortar facilities.

People with disabilities, specifically those who are blind or visually impaired, have been filing lawsuits against businesses over website accessibility issues, and many of them are winning. 

Our goal is to get your WordPress website accessibility compliant to current standards and keep it there. In this way these litigation issues are not your problem and everyone gets the added benefit of increasing your website visitors to include those with disabilities.

WordPress Accessibility Support Plan

$59/month or $590/Year
  • 7-day free trial
  • Website integration & ongoing support
  • Compliant Accessibility statement and certifications
  • Monthly Accessibility Compliance Audits with recommendations.
  • Litigation Support Package

Why Is our WordPress Accessibility Service special?

Recently we found an automatic, simple, and affordable solution- an AI powered accessibility servce that can achieve full ADA compliance within 48 hours.

The company that developed the system is accessiBe and we have partnered with them to provide accessibility for all WordPress websites moving forward.

After reviewing their system and using it on our own website, we decided to offer the same solution to all of our clients. 

We add a 10% fee on top of Accessibe’s rates in return for managing your accessibility system, monitoring compliance and dealing with any issues that may be flagged. 

Your WordPress Accessibility Expert is always just a phone call, email or chat away.


Extend market reach

The spending power of people with disabilities is more than $6 trillion

Mitigate legal risk

Mitigate the risk of lawsuits by complying with accessibility legislation

Boost brand perception

Showing that accessibility is important to you will enhance your reputation