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WordPress Web design


Total WP Support does more than just WordPress maintenance and support. Our team can handle the design and development of your new WordPress website, or redesign your existing website. 

We bring the same quality and care we put into your ongoing maintenance into our web design projects. 

All Websites We Build Feature
Every website we build has the same set of standards. Beyond just looking good websites need to meet the technical standards of todays web. WordPress is the world's most popular website builder, providing a solid foundation and scalable to meet the needs of any project.

Custom Design

A custom designed website that meets the specific needs of your business.

Loads Fast

We build websites to load fast.

mobile Friendly

Websites built to look great on mobile devices and screens of all sizes. 

ADA Compliant

Websites are now legally obligated to be accessible to people with disabilities according to the Accessibility Disability Act.

SEO Ready

A website should be built to make your web pages rise to the top of the search engines like Google.

Easy to Use

WordPress makes it easy to edit and manage your website yourself.


  1. Achieves defined goals: Well defined goals are the foundation of successful online marketing.
  2. Looks great! 
  3. Search engine friendly. A website should be built to make your web pages rise to the top.
  4. Can grow as you do. Want to add a new feature, page, blog, etc later on? No problem. WordPress can be extended to acheive your needs using plugins.
  5. Stick to a proven process: Building a website is like building a house. There are steps that are followed each time.
  6. Staying on the bleeding edge of security and new web features: WordPress is a robust, constantly evolving foundation for your website. You get the latest security updates and new features absolutely free. This also means you will get many years out of your site before it starts to show wear due to technology evolution.
  7. Looks great on all devices and platforms:  Whether you are viewing a website on a mac or pc, in firefox or internet explorer, on a mobile phone or an ipad… it’s gotta look good!
  8. Built for web accessibility: A website should be able to be used by people with disabilities or limitations, such as colour blindness.
  9. Built to current web standards:  Valid code and designed to industry best practices.
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