Wordpress Updates

Take Advantage of WordPress’ Built In Security Improvements

One of the best ways to keep your website as secure as possible is to always be running the latest version of all software and applying the latest WordPress updates. We keep you current with the latest security improvements by keeping WordPress, your theme and all of your plugins up-to-date.

Always stay on the latest version of Software

  • The internet is rapidly evolving and so is all the software that powers your website.
  • Keeping your website running on the latest version of all its software offers a ton of benefits.
  • Take advantage of new features, faster load times, better security, enhanced interfaces and more.
  • Specifically, our maintenance plans make sure your WordPress core, WordPress Plugins, Theme Frameworks and WordPress Themes are kept current with the latest stable version.
  • Plus, any problems introduced due to the upgrades will be fixed free of charge as part of your WordPress maintenance coverage.

Frequency of WordPress Updates

We generally update all software on the 1st of each month. This includes WordPress, plugins, themes and frameworks.

There are some exceptions to this, such as:

  1. In the case of a security release for WordPress core, we install the release as soon as possible due to the often-critical nature of the fixes.
  2. On major releases of WordPress we do not upgrade for about 2 weeks as this gives our developers/engineers time to work through the update and ensure that it will work properly and not adversely affect the sites we manage. Depending on when that two weeks falls on a given month this may effect our update day for that month.