Hacked WordPress Website Cleanup

Do you have a hacked WordPress website?

We can fix your hacked WordPress site & get your website back online. Fast.

We know a hacked website can destroy your good reputation, pushes away your site visitors and gets your site penalized and potentially banned by search engines. Hiring a professional WordPress hack cleanup service can solve this problem as quickly as possible.

We’ve been hacked ourselves and we’ve helped many hacked website owners in the same situation. You have every reason to be frustrated or angry. It’s a total violation and can have a huge impact on your business. But, at the end of the day all we can do is pick ourselves up, clean up the hacked WordPress website and increase security so it doesn’t happen again!

We’ll clean the malware and we’ll keep it from happening again.

Hacked Website Cleanup Service

Hacked WordPress Website Cleanup

$399 One Time Fee

We are here to fix your hacked WordPress website quickly. We provide a fast and thorough hacked website cleanup service.

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Free Hacked WordPress Website Cleanup


Hacked WordPress Website Cleanup FAQ

It depends on many factors, but of course we aim for a same day turnaround. Actual time may vary, depending on severity of the attack, but we promise to remove the malicious user and restore your site as quickly as is possible.

The most important thing is that it’s done properly. Nothing worse than a rush job that results in the hack coming back later.

  1. Do a full site back up before and after starting our work.
  2. Put your site into maintenance mode so visitors and search engines get the right message during the clean up.
  3. Establishing the cause of the hack.
  4. Cleaning up the hack / malware on your website and restoring your website to its pre-hack condition.
  5. Final Malware scan to make sure the site is clean.
  6. Look into and request blacklist delisting from Google and other blacklist organizations.

Hacked website cleanups are completed in the order that they come to us. Generally, we start within four hours of the hack cleanup being purchased. We can give a firm time frame once you have reached out and we have discussed your situation : )

Yes, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-985-9860 and we can help you out.
If your site gets hacked again in the next 30 days we’ll restore it again for free. If you sign up to a maintenance plan, your site will be hardened and monitored 24/7 and in the rare case another malware infection occurs they are always fixed for free.

We first identify the type of attack and the weak point that allowed the attack to occur.

Then, we fix the weakness that allowed the hack to occur so it doesnt happen again.

Lastly, we clean the site of all malware and secure the site.

We can help you with enabling and configuring a higher level of security on your web server. Generally this includes enabling SPF, DKIM and spam settings on your server or email platform.

Malware Removal Testimonials

Wordpress Support
Cindy Barnard
Owner, Building Family Dreams Realty

Our website was hacked with malware and we had no back up of our website. It was a difficult situation, but Total WP Support was there to help us through the process of a manual clean and partial website rebuild to restore the damages.

In the end, we had our website back online quickly and we were so pleased we signed up to a maintenance plan and haven’t looked back since.

Owner, Building Janitorial

Thank you for completely removing the malware from my website. Clearing the blacklist warning “This site may be hacked” from Google, and then going the extra mile to restore my search engine rankings was more than I expected.