Our Favourite New Features in WordPress 4.6

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WordPress version 4.6 “Pepper” has been released and, on top of its continuous improvements in WordPress Security that we all take for granted, its got some great new features to make all our lives easier while working in WordPress. In this post we are going to share our favourite new features in this latest WordPress update.

1. Streamlined WordPress Updates

Theres actually a lot more going on here than just “streamlined updates”. Certainly, when updating plugins it is a more streamlined process, but the real benefits here are when installing plugins, searching for new plugins and activating plugins. The process is quick and seamless. You no longer have to wait for each page to reload before each step and everything now happens much more smoothly and downright slick!

2. Content Editor Improvements

There are also two big improvements to the WordPress content editor.

Firstly, the Inline Link Checker automatically checks to make sure your links are correct while you are writing them. So no more need to save a page and test your links, its now all automatically checked before you even hit Save.

Secondly, the new Content Recovery feature saves your content to the browser as you type. This is super handy for our WordPress Maintenance Plan clients and team members who prefer to write in the browser. WordPress has always had Revisions for restoring and recovering lost data, but recovering your saved content is now even easier in version 4.6.

3. Native Fonts in WordPress Dashboard.

The WordPress dashboard now takes advantage of the fonts you already have installed on your computer or device. This makes it load even faster and also lets you feel more at home on whatever device you use. This is a feature that most people won’t notice, but its yet another small improvement that continues to better the WordPress platform and make life easier for WordPress users.

You can read more about the specifics of this WordPress update on the official WordPress blog: https://wordpress.org/news/2016/08/pepper/

If anyone has questions or concerns about this new update please contact us. As always our goal is to provide the best WordPress Support in the industry.

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