WordPress Security

We take WordPress Security seriously!

If your website is essential to your business then ensuring the proper WordPress security is in place is also essential. There is no time for your site to be down. Downtime equals loss of sales, loss of new customers and loss of reputation.

Our WordPress Security Recipe:

  • Firewall, WordPress Hardening & Strong Password Enforcement
    A holistic approach to WordPress security covering: limiting login attempts, stopping brute force attacks, website Firewall, hardening WordPress core files, changing default database prefix, ensuring users use strong passwords, IP Blocking and more!

  • Virus & Malware Scanning
    Our regular security scans for malware can help catch potential problems before they happen.

  • Free Malware Cleanup & Website Restores
    There is no way to make a website 100% secure, so there is always the chance that a hack or malware infection could occur. In these rare cases, our team’s focus is on being prepared and acting quickly to restore your website and patch the security loophole.
  • Spam Management
    We’ll get rid of spam comment and trackback issues on your site. Usually a 100% reduction in spam can be achieved through the use of honey pot, Captcha and an anti-spam plugin, or a combination of all three.
  • WordPress Software Updates
    Keeping WordPress, Plugins, Themes and Frameworks up to date is one of the most important factors for website security.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    24/7 monitoring of your websites uptime. We are instantly notified if your website goes down for any reason and will work quickly to get you back online fast.
  • Backup & Restores
    We have you covered with rock solid back ups and free restores.

A holistic approach to WordPress Security.

At Total WP Support we also think and act securely as much as possible. This includes sending information securely, maintaining strong passwords, using double-authentication, and accessing files only via SFTP.

Here at Total WP Support we are 100% committed to a proactive approach to WordPress security. We pay particular attention to WordPress, theme and plugin updates that have security releases and ensure that these are updated quickly on all websites.

General information about WordPress Security

WordPress is now the most popular blogging and content management system (CMS) on the Internet which makes it a favourite target for hackers. WordPress is a very secure platform in and of itself, but every WordPress website needs to have extra steps taken to ensure it is secure enough to handle life in the wild.

WordPress is in itself very secure. Through regular updates WordPress is always adapting and improving to meet current and future security threats. That said, there are many areas where security improvements can help to further reduce your risk. Our Security plan configures your WordPress install and server environment to be as secure as possible. We work personally with our clients to help increase security at the user and login level.

Security Disclaimer

Our security will dramatically decrease the chance that your site will be hacked or infected with malware. However, it is important to mention that there is unfortunately no way for any website to have a 100% protection guarantee. This is why we always include a solid backup and recovery solution, just in case.

WordPress Security FAQ

What specifically do you cover in terms of securing my website?

We have a number of precautions available to protect your sites:

  • Limiting login attempts.
  • Changing the default WordPress login location.
  • Changing the default DB prefix.
  • Enforcing strong passwords.
  • IP Blocking.
  • “Herd Immunity” – IP’s attacking other sites can be pre-emptively blocked before they attack you.
  • Firewall that protects against brute force attacks and suspicious IP activity.
  • Malware scanning and cleanup services are included in all subscriptions.
  • Lock down the core WordPress files.
  • Removing unnecessary, unused, deactivated plugins.
  • Managing & Stopping Spam.
  • Uptime Monitoring.
  • Keeping your software up to date.

How does Total WP Support protect my sensitive data?

Providing access to your website requires a lot of trust. Trust that we do not take lightly or for granted.

Keeping your passwords and other sensitive data secure is one of our top priorities.

The following rules govern our handling of your sensitive information:

  • We only access server files via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol)
  • We never send passwords or other sensitive data by email.
  • We use double-authentication to access areas for storing sensitive data.
  • We only access client websites or data from secure networks.
  • We have a secure password submission form available via the footer of our website for submitting sensitive data. Its as secure as our checkout page and doesn’t send an email containing the information.