New Client: Gyro Beach Board Shop | WordPress Maintenance

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Gyro Beach Board Shop is located in Victoria, British Columbia and has signed up to our Professional WordPress Maintenance Plan. It’s always exciting having a new client that is geographically close to us and so far working with Gyro Beach Board Shop has been a real pleasure.

The website is located at It’s running Woocommerce for the online store and has a wide range of products and product types available.

When this website onboarded the software was not able to be updated or the site would crash, so it was an emergency situation and we focused on fixing the theme issues and plugin conflicts as our first priority. Once the site was stable and running smooth on the latest software our focus shifted to getting the site tidied up, removing unused plugins, further cleaning up the theme and general wordpress support.

The rental side of the business is getting set up with Bookly woocommerce booking plugin for the 2024 rental season.

We have been working to tidy up issues in Google Search Console as well as getting Google Analytics integrated for statistics.

Looking forward to continuing to fine tune the site into their busy season and thanks again for choosing Total WP Support for your WordPress Support Team!

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