Microsoft migrates several of its websites to WordPress

Microsoft Migrates to Wordpress

Microsoft migrates to WordPress… not exactly what we expected to hear in the news today, to say the least, but this really is a huge nod for the WordPress CMS in general considering the amount of research and expertise Microsoft has at its disposal before making such a big decision.

So far, the migration to WordPress has had nothing but positive effects on all the important key factors:

Since the relaunch, the WordPress sites have experienced an uptick in speed, major SEO improvements, and improved site navigation on desktop and mobile browsers.

In a short time, the tech community has embraced open source, with giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft leading the charge.

“You would think that Microsoft would use their own technology to run all of their websites but the fact is they wanted to save time and money like a lot of other big companies going Open Source,” Messenlehner said.

The incredible growth of WordPress isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon and we can expect more big announcements of major migrations to WordPress in the near future.

It’s free, flexible, and easy to use, maintain, and update. It provides companies with the agility to move faster without breaking the bank.

Websites that Microsoft migrated to WordPress:

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