Emergency Support Story: BFD Real Estate Website

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Building Family Dreams Real Estate is a real estate agency in Georgia, USA. http://buildingfamilydreams.com/

They came to us after their website was hacked and infected with malware. Not only was their website now blacklisted with Google, but it was also completely broken. Every page was effected, all the widgets were removed, the template files were all infected with literally thousands of malware pages. It was as bad as it gets!

They decided to go with our free malware clean with any plan offer. This is a special offer where we will clean your website of malware and get it back on track, for free, with the sign up of any maintenance plan. https://totalwpsupport.com/hacked-wordpress-website-cleanup/

Once we got into this project, it just gets worse. The person who built their website had not done any back ups of their website, so we were left in the position of having to clean this heavily infected website manually. Ideally, if a complete back up is available, we can restore the website, which is a much more simple and rapid fix. You can learn more about the importance of back ups here: https://totalwpsupport.com/wordpress-backups/

So, we had no choice but to clean the malware by hand and then rebuild the site to how it looked before the hack. However, there was no editable design or photoshop file for us to see what the site looked before. They also didn’t have any screenshots of what their site had looked like. So we were in the dark and had to piece it together based on the clients recollection of what went where.

Slowly, we were able to piece the website back together, clean their website of malware and then remove them from all the blacklists, including Google. In the following months, they had two more malware issues, and we decided to move them to our hosting with Flywheel. We haven’t had any malware issues since and we continue to care for their site on the Essential WordPress Maintenance Plan. https://totalwpsupport.com/essential-wordpress-maintenance-plan/[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]