All Maintenance Plan Client Websites Updated – August 1st 2015

Wordpress Website Maintenance

Hello to all of our wonderful WordPress Maintenance Plan clients! August is probably our favourite month here. Everyone goes on holiday and we have time to work on our own website! : )

The first of each month is our WordPress update day where we update all our client websites software and do some general housekeeping to keep those websites running fast and secure.

Heres a quick list of our work completed as part of your TWS Maintenance Plan:

  1. We updated WordPress Core to latest version = Security, Speed, New Features and More.
  2. We updated all WordPress Plugins to latest versions = Security, Speed, New Features and More.
  3. We updated all WordPress Themes to latest versions = Security, Speed, New Features and More.
  4. We optimized your MySQL Database = A well optimized database means faster load times for your website.
  5. We completed a Full Back Up of your website files and database securely to the cloud = We do this every day!
  6. We ran a Malware Scan and we are happy to report that there are no hacks or problems with malware on any of our client sites.
  7. We did a quick Blacklist Check and all our client sites have no blacklist issues.

Lastly, once the update tasks have been completed, we go into every website and have a good look around to make sure that there are no obvious issues caused by the updates. As always, when any problems are found we fix them free of charge.

Thanks to all our WordPress Maintenance Plan clients. We hope you enjoy the latest and greatest version of your software.

We look forward to this September and helping all of you grow your online businesses and meet your goals for 2015!

We also do updates on other days of the month when deemed necessary by our development team, which is usually when an important security update is released.